Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Time

Christmas time was the best this year! Not to sound lame, but it was magical! We went to Heber City and rode the Polar Express. The kids were so excited to go to the North Pole. I will never forget there eyes when Santa joined us on the train. Pure innocence and excitement! We also went to the play Scrooge at the Washington Terrace playhouse. We had front row tickets which made the show even better. I was shocked at how much the kids enjoyed the play. I thought they would get antsy,but to my suprise they didn't. They sat completly still until ntermission. At intermission, the kids went on the stage and danced around like the actors. It was so cute! Harrison got into it the most. Maybe he will be an actor!
Christmas Eve was great. Tyler's parents and Jennie and Mike came over. We had an old fashioned Christmas Dinner. The kids hardly ate anything because they wanted to open presents, so after dinner they got to open gifts from Gramps/Grams,Jennie, and Mike. They were spoiled, but after each gift they said "thank you."
Christmas morning was memorable. Malone came into our room first. He came in to tell us that Santa left him a snowboard. The excitement in his eyes I will never forget. Boston was the second to wake up. I could hear him say, "Wow" when he saw all of the presents. Finally, Harrison woke up. He was so tired, but as soon as he saw all the presents he woke right up! Boston was so funny opening presents. He unwrapped them as fast as he could! Harrison on the other hand, wanted to show us each gift. He liked his clothes as much as the toys! Malone was so excited. When he got his IPOD he held it up and said it was the best day of his life! I knew Santa did well when he said that! Later that day we went to my Aunt Lana's for dinner. Lots of wonderful Mexican food!
The next day my parents and Aunt Kellie came over before we went to Las Vegas to give the kids more gifts! Again, they were spoiled! They loved everything that they received! My house looked like a toy store!
It was so nice to go to Las Vegas after Christmas. Usually, I'm really sad that Christmas is over, but this time I had something to look forward to. We had so much fun with the kids. Boston had another birtday party in Vegas at Peter Piper Pizza and then once again we exchanged Christmas Gifts with my brother! Again, they were spoiled but they appreciated what they got! I heard many thank you's when they were opening the gifts.
I will never forget this Christmas. All three boys could hear their bell Santa gave them ring! I hope they always will hear that bell!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Peterson Family

My family is the most important thing in my life. I've been married to my high school sweetheart for ten and a half years. We have been through a lot these past ten years. Got married, had three kids, graduated from Weber State University, moved three times, and had three amazing kids.
My oldest is Malone. He's eight years old and is all boy! He loves to play soccer, basketball, baseball, snowboarding, and skateboarding. He's also into music so much. He's a 16 year old trapped in a 8 year old body. I'm always telling him to turn down the music. (Now I really feel old.) He really is a sweet boy who never wants to hurt anyone's feelings! He always invites his entire class to his birthday party because he never wants to leave anyone out.
My middle child is Harrison. He's five years old and a complete dare devil! He loves to do anything dangerous. He rides his scooter or skateboard and does the craziest things on it! He's a complete sweetheart and is always making sure that I'm o.k. If I'm in an argument with one of his brothers he tells them to be "nice to mom." He's also very tough and doesn't take crap from his brothers. He gives Malone a run for his money! He can't wait to start snowboarding this winter. Malone better watch out because he will be right along side with him.
My youngest is my three year old Boston. He is my fireball! He wants to do everything his older brothers do. He will try anything and never wants anyone's help. He looks a lot like his dad! In fact, he acts just like him. Sometimes when I'm looking at him, it's like looking at a mini Tyler.
Boston is tender hearted. He loves babies, kids, and animals. The great thing about Boston is you always know where you stand with him. If he's mad at you, you will know it!
As a family we love to travel, go to movies, play outdoors, and just spend time together.
I'm starting this blog because I'm terrible about writting in a journal, so hopefully this is a fun way to put memories down and keep in touch with friends.